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The Many Benefits of Massage

Many people especially in the Western world believe that a massage is a modern concept. This is far from the truth. People have been receiving massages for close to five thousand years. In fact, the earliest record of a massage was in Saqqara, Egypt. Interestingly, this record was in the Tomb of Akmanthora, i.e. the Tomb of the Physician. The fact that this archaeological find exists in a physician’s tomb is ample evidence that ancient civilizations knew of the many benefits of massage therapy. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of these many benefits. Here are some of these benefits.

It Lowers Depression and Anxiety Levels

The world is full of chaos. We live in a state of numerous wars, financial ruin, natural disasters, political turmoil and social strife. Depression and anxiety can quickly set in during such chaotic times.  Massage therapy will help you to cope with any depression and anxiety. This kind of therapy achieves this goal by boosting the levels of two critical neurotransmitters i.e. dopamine and serotonin in your body. These two neurotransmitters will stimulate feelings of happiness in you in addition to making you more active. A massage will also reduce your stress levels by lowering the amount of cortisol in your body. It is important for you to note that cortisol is a hormone that is generally responsible for high stress levels in your body. The reduction of cortisol levels in your body also lowers your blood pressure.

It Eases Body Pain

Many people suffer from body pains due to the kind of work they do or because of some chronic illness. Massage therapy can help you to ease this pain. More specifically, a massage will reduce your body’s stiffness and level of pain while increasing your muscles range of motion. A massage will do this by improving your body’s circulation system, which hastens your process of recovery from pain. In addition, a massage dissipates the pain you feel in one part of your body to other parts of your body. This means that a massage is just as good as acupuncture, yoga and exercise when it comes to relieving you of body pain.

It Improves Your Health

A massage will improve your body’s health in a number of ways. To begin with, it will reduce your stress levels by lowering cortisol levels as earlier mentioned. This means that a stress free life with lead to lower risks of developing health complications such as habitual eating. A massage can also lead to a greater count in your body’s white blood cells. In other words, your body’s immune system will receive a tremendous boost each time you go for a session in massage therapy.

It Improves Your Sleep

Sleeping is important for everyone. It gives your body time to relax and recuperate. Sadly, many of us cannot sleep well. This is where massage therapy comes in. It induces sleep in both adults and infants. This occurs when a massage positively affects the delta waves in your brain that normally induce sleep. In fact, this is the reason why so many people feel like sleeping when receiving a massage. Moreover, babies cry less and sleep more if subjected to frequent but gentle infant massages.

It Curbs Your Headaches

Headaches are a common occurrence. Sometimes, they go away but at times, they just seem to last forever. You can easily deal with this problem by subjecting yourself to frequent massages. Studies have shown that a massage can lower the frequency and severity of headaches. This normally happens because a massage reduces your tension, anxiety, stress and depression. This means that you will not think so hard about trivial issues. Your head will be free of negative thoughts and as such, your headaches will reduce in severity and frequency.

It Corrects Your Sitting Imbalance

This imbalance often leads to postural stress. This kind of stress causes stiffness in your neck and shoulders. You should not live with such an uncomfortable stiffness. You can deal with it by getting a massage. This would be a cost effective, exciting and highly effective means of dealing with postural stress. There is no need for you to sit at your office desk all day, develop a stiff neck and then go on with life as though you are comfortable with how things are. Deal with this problem by getting a massage.

These are some of the many benefits of massage. Other benefits include helping you to cope with any physical stress that comes with cancer treatment, improving your skin’s appearance and finally, increasing your level of alertness at home, school or the office. Go on. Try it today. You will not regret it.

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The Benefits of Getting a Reflexology Massage are Numerous

Reflexology entails a practice for applying pressure to different parts of the body like the feet and hands. It’s often utilized with the belief that different parts of the extremities are responsible for controlling different parts of the body. It’s a study that can entail a massage where different parts of the foot or hand can be targeted.

A reflexology massage treatment is a simple and painless type of treatment where a professional can target different points in your extremities and help get the circulation levels around these areas to feel a little more relaxed. It’s a great type of treatment that has several benefits that anyone can utilize.

First, this kind of message can be used to treat problems relating to stresses around the entire body. When the body is massaged properly, it will be treated with a solution that entails plenty of relaxed points that will not feel too much anxiety of pressure. In fact, EEG brain waves in patients who have used massage treatments have been found to be relaxed while in the process of getting a massage, thus making the process very easy for anyone to benefit from.

Second, it is a massage that has been found to enhance blood flow to many parts of the body. It can be used to take care of blood flow in the organs and some parts of the body. It is especially useful for treating people who have struggled with recovering from various surgical procedures in the past.

In fact, it can even be used to relieve pains that are often tough to take care of. These include phantom limb or neuropathy pains in specific patients.

Much of this is thanks to the nerve endings in the feet and hands. There are thousands of endings in these parts of the body that link to different areas that they can cover. The ability to relax these nerve endings will make it easier for pressures in just about all parts of the body to go down, thus improving a patient’s chances with feeling relaxed and likely to keep one’s body from being a real burden as it is treated.

It has been found that a reflexology massage may improve a person’s mood over time. The relaxed nature of keeping the body in check is huge as it makes it easier for the body to feel less stress and therefore become more likely to feel better about the self. In short, a person will be less likely to struggle with issues relating to depression and other common problems.

This is also a procedure that works wonders for all types of people. It has been found to be universally approved for treatments for all people ranging from young to old. Men and women can both equally benefit from this kind of massage.

This type of massage is relatively impressive when it features are all considered. A patient who goes through this kind of massage will end up getting all sorts of areas in one’s body treated and in check. It is an effective procedure that all people should take a look at.

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

There are a number of health benefits a Swedish massage can provide to those who are in need of rest and relaxation. This type of massage is performed while the client is lying on the massage table, and therapist stands above them, and manipulates their muscles and tissues in a variety of ways, in different patterns, and using different stroke rates and strengths. Relaxation is one of the benefits of this type of massage, but it can also help with promoting overall healing and reduce pain in different areas of the body.

The main purpose of this type of massage is to help bring the body to a relaxed state; the long, and gliding strokes, follow the direction which blood normally flows in the body, and helps return normal blood flow towards the heart. Oxygen levels are also increased as blood flow is sped up, and this helps rid the muscles of built up toxins in the body, and waste products which build up over time. Tension reduction and increased overall flexibility are also some of the main purposes, and benefits a client is going to realize, with a therapy session.

Overall relaxation for the client

For bodybuilders, individuals who work out often, and even people who are just stressed out with life, the main benefit of a Swedish massage is to help with relaxation. A session generally lasts from half an hour to one hour, while addressing the major muscle groups over different areas of the body. This type of massage is meant to help with general relaxation, so the therapist’s offices are generally soothing when the client comes in. The strokes used by the therapist are meant to target individual muscles to help you relax, while the overall experience is meant to help eliminate overall levels of stress.

Help alleviate pain

Massage therapy is one of the many options to help relieve pain; whether it is muscle pain, or pain that is caused from a specific injury (such as a car accident), the stimulation and pressure a massage uses, can help target areas of pain. With this specific type of massage, the therapist can manipulate different areas of the body, and target specific types of pain, whether it is something from a sports injury (like a sprained ankle), or some form of chronic pain the client suffers from. The strokes that a therapist uses during this form of massage helps improve circulation, and increase overall relaxation; this in turn helps make certain types of pain easier to deal with for the client being massaged.

Increased blood flow & circulation

The strokes that a therapist uses during a Swedish massage are similar to the movements that occur in your circulatory system; when the therapist performs those strokes, and movements towards the heart, this helps drain metabolic waste from the body. Different strokes that are used during this form of massage therapy help increase blood flow, and this helps to remove the body waste quicker.

Dissolution of adhesion’s

With this form of massage, a therapist can help break up muscle adhesion’s, which in turn helps promote healthy healing of the scar tissue. When a therapist is performing this type of massage, the strokes being used form a cross-fiber friction, and this can help break up the pain associated with muscles you have injured. By removing scar tissue, strokes used in this massage form help muscles heal to a healthy state in less time.

During a session, the client is going to experience a relaxing and calming effect, and this form of massage promotes benefits to the nervous system. For those who have experienced muscle injuries, or individuals who lead an extremely stressful life, a massage is recommended as a part of a stress management program. Whether you would like to come in for a session on a monthly basis to help alleviate stress, or whether you are dealing with sports injuries, or other chronic conditions, a massage is of great benefit to you. A Swedish massage is going to help improve blood flow; helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body, and helps speed up the recovery process, and will help promote an overall sense of calm and well-being, for clients who engage in this massage form on a regular basis.

The Many Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of natural therapy where warm stones are placed strategically on a person’s body in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits that are offered. In most cases, river rocks, or other rocks with extremely smooth surfaces are used. The stones are heated in a type of sanitizing water prior to use. The basalt stones are composed of a high iron content, which enables them to hold the heat throughout the massage. A hot stone massage is beneficial on both the physical, as well as the psychological level.                           

The main benefits of a hot stone massage are listed here.

Muscle Relaxation

The heat that is exuded from the stones will help relax and ease tension from your muscles. This relaxation effect will allow the massage therapist to manipulate a client’s deep tissues much more effectively than traditional massage techniques. If your muscles are overly tense, it may hinder the actual massage. In cases such as this, heated stones will reduce the stiffness or tightness that is present and provide more beneficial results for sore or tense muscles.

Pain Relief

All types of massage therapy can help to ease the pain that is caused by injuries, tense muscles or stiff joints; however a hot stone massage can provide much more relief due to the fact that this is a more intense massage, process. The hot stones will allow your massage therapist to penetrate into the muscle tissue much deeper, which will leave you feeling better than a traditional deep tissue or Swedish massage that does not implement heat in the process.

Improvement in Circulation

Generally, the heated stones will be placed on trigger points that are present on your body, prior to the massage therapist actually beginning

the massage. The heat that is provided by the stones will penetrate deep into your muscle tissues, helping to open your blood vessels, thus leading to improved circulation. If you have poor circulation, you likely experience fatigue, which can cause more tenseness in the muscles, as well as a buildup of lactic acid and fluids in the muscles. When you have better circulation, you will also receive more oxygen to your muscles, which will help ease the presence of aches and pains.

Psychological Benefits 

While the most well-known and sought after benefits of a hot stone massage are physical, there are also mental benefits from the procedure.

The relaxation that is gained with the hot stone massage can lead to less

mental tension and stress. This type of massage may also help you to combat some of the most common symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

It is important to remember, that while hot stone massage therapy is not a replacement for traditional medical care, and it can be an integral part of your treatment that helps you to reach optimum health. If you have any

preexisting conditions it is a good idea to discuss treatment with hot stones with your primary physician to ensure that no side effects will occur.

Thai Bodywork

“This ancient art has a close relationship with Indian Ayurveda  Yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese shiatsu. The continuity in the flow of movements, passing through sequences (yoga postures) is very similar to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, while the ‘sen’ energy lines which form the backbone of Thai Bodywork are similar in theory to the meridian energy lines in Chinese acupuncture. However the Sen lines which are Indian of origin, tend to follow the natural form of the body rather than the energy paths of the organs.” ( Hamlyn- Thai Bodywork-2002).

Ayurveda Yoga- The traditional Indian systems of medicine- finding your energy balance and present in everything: air, the earth, animals, plants, people, food, and inanimate objects.

Astanga Vinyassa Yoga- a series of postures that are taught first with primary postures and moved to advanced postures all are connected to linking movements.

Nah-Ray Yoga 2 of 2

My brother Michael and I came up with the name. Greeks say Na! A slang word for hey, or what, or other things I won’t mention. Again, well rounded in everything I try to do, why not the name. East meets Greek. I live in Greek town U.S.A. It is a small town in Florida called tarpon Springs. Only here do the Greek people in this community understand the slang word Na-Ray. I made it my own by calling my personal practice Nah- Ray yoga. Namaste-Ray of light. East meets West and Greek. Now I am well rounded just like they taught me in school.

I am now able to bring my practice into the teaching world. Nah-Ray Yoga is born. A style, a feeling, a dance, a practice, a name altogether as one.

Nah-Ray yoga is a well rounded fitness program that incorporates strength training with flexion, core work with cardio, and breath work with guided meditation all in one hour. I thought I could only do one or the other.  A belief is a thought you keep on thinking. I have it all!  There goes my ego again. East meets west and Greek and I did not have to give up anything.

Nah-Ray Yoga can be adjusted to all age groups.  Seniors citizens can build their bone density while working on chair pose.  High school students love to use their feet as their hands.  It is all so much fun. My classes can have one student or 30. It doesn’t matter. It’s about what we do right then and now. I love switching it up. I like changing things around in class, just like in my personal practice. Be well rounded, do different things, shake it up, and have fun.

So now I’m telling you student yoginis, have fun with your personal practice. Make it your own style, your own feeling, your own dance. Bring it together and start teaching the world just like the rest of us. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Something for everyone?

May the Ray of Light in me honor the Ray of Light within you Namaste!  Nah-Ray!

All contents Copyright 2012, Nah-Ray Yoga and Springs Wellness LLC. All rights reserved. Christine Saris LMT, Yoga Instructor, Springs Wellness LLC. Christine Saris has been teaching yoga since 1995. Christine is a graduate from Sarasota School of Massage since 1999.


Nah – Ray Yoga

Every yoga teacher has a style of teaching that is unique to their own. It begins with a personal practice. Your personal practice. A practice is something you do for you. As you practice, a style is born. As you practice, a feeling is born. As you practice more, a dance is born. As you practice, breathing becomes one with the feeling and the dance and the style, and before you know it, you want to teach it to the world. You want to teach everything that is new and exciting and so very you.

That is what happened to me. My practice started in a gym. Yes, I’m a gym rat. I didn’t want to go to the gym and then do yoga. In all my years of high school, college, massage school and yoga school, all teachers teach the well roundedness of learning. They would say, “We want you to be well rounded so you can experience and take with you the knowledge to be healthy, happy, and successful.” I wanted that too, but this time in my practice. I wanted to include my strength training with flexion, my cardio with breath work, and my cool down with meditation, all of it. Oh! My beautiful ego. I’m still working on that too.

Choppy at first, I start. Push up. Chattaranga. Plank? Hold.  Boat. Crunch.  Wait! East meets West. I get on the big ball in the gym. I put my feet on the ball, hands on the floor, and do plank.  Then chatteranga then plank. Hold…. Hummm. I think I’m on to something here. I add some music. Rock and roll? Maybe.

I squat and jump. Goddess squat! Exhale down. Jump inhale up I think “jumping Goddess”. Now I’m laughing. How truly one we are. East does meet West. So then if I do downward dog, plank chatteranga, cobra, and back to down ward dog 25 times, I’m working up a sweat. Vinyassa flow. Ok. So now I’m having fun.

There are all kinds of yoga styles. Power yoga, astanga yoga, hot yoga etc., But this one is mine. This is my personal practice. This is my gym rat self to my yoga self. This is my Greek American yogi self to the name I call my practice, and now to the class that I teach. Nah-Ray Yoga. Namaste-Ray of light.

Return soon for part 2 of 2