Thai Bodywork

“This ancient art has a close relationship with Indian Ayurveda  Yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese shiatsu. The continuity in the flow of movements, passing through sequences (yoga postures) is very similar to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, while the ‘sen’ energy lines which form the backbone of Thai Bodywork are similar in theory to the meridian energy lines in Chinese acupuncture. However the Sen lines which are Indian of origin, tend to follow the natural form of the body rather than the energy paths of the organs.” ( Hamlyn- Thai Bodywork-2002).

Ayurveda Yoga- The traditional Indian systems of medicine- finding your energy balance and present in everything: air, the earth, animals, plants, people, food, and inanimate objects.

Astanga Vinyassa Yoga- a series of postures that are taught first with primary postures and moved to advanced postures all are connected to linking movements.