The Benefits of Swedish Massage

There are a number of health benefits a Swedish massage can provide to those who are in need of rest and relaxation. This type of massage is performed while the client is lying on the massage table, and therapist stands above them, and manipulates their muscles and tissues in a variety of ways, in different patterns, and using different stroke rates and strengths. Relaxation is one of the benefits of this type of massage, but it can also help with promoting overall healing and reduce pain in different areas of the body.

The main purpose of this type of massage is to help bring the body to a relaxed state; the long, and gliding strokes, follow the direction which blood normally flows in the body, and helps return normal blood flow towards the heart. Oxygen levels are also increased as blood flow is sped up, and this helps rid the muscles of built up toxins in the body, and waste products which build up over time. Tension reduction and increased overall flexibility are also some of the main purposes, and benefits a client is going to realize, with a therapy session.

Overall relaxation for the client

For bodybuilders, individuals who work out often, and even people who are just stressed out with life, the main benefit of a Swedish massage is to help with relaxation. A session generally lasts from half an hour to one hour, while addressing the major muscle groups over different areas of the body. This type of massage is meant to help with general relaxation, so the therapist’s offices are generally soothing when the client comes in. The strokes used by the therapist are meant to target individual muscles to help you relax, while the overall experience is meant to help eliminate overall levels of stress.

Help alleviate pain

Massage therapy is one of the many options to help relieve pain; whether it is muscle pain, or pain that is caused from a specific injury (such as a car accident), the stimulation and pressure a massage uses, can help target areas of pain. With this specific type of massage, the therapist can manipulate different areas of the body, and target specific types of pain, whether it is something from a sports injury (like a sprained ankle), or some form of chronic pain the client suffers from. The strokes that a therapist uses during this form of massage helps improve circulation, and increase overall relaxation; this in turn helps make certain types of pain easier to deal with for the client being massaged.

Increased blood flow & circulation

The strokes that a therapist uses during a Swedish massage are similar to the movements that occur in your circulatory system; when the therapist performs those strokes, and movements towards the heart, this helps drain metabolic waste from the body. Different strokes that are used during this form of massage therapy help increase blood flow, and this helps to remove the body waste quicker.

Dissolution of adhesion’s

With this form of massage, a therapist can help break up muscle adhesion’s, which in turn helps promote healthy healing of the scar tissue. When a therapist is performing this type of massage, the strokes being used form a cross-fiber friction, and this can help break up the pain associated with muscles you have injured. By removing scar tissue, strokes used in this massage form help muscles heal to a healthy state in less time.

During a session, the client is going to experience a relaxing and calming effect, and this form of massage promotes benefits to the nervous system. For those who have experienced muscle injuries, or individuals who lead an extremely stressful life, a massage is recommended as a part of a stress management program. Whether you would like to come in for a session on a monthly basis to help alleviate stress, or whether you are dealing with sports injuries, or other chronic conditions, a massage is of great benefit to you. A Swedish massage is going to help improve blood flow; helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body, and helps speed up the recovery process, and will help promote an overall sense of calm and well-being, for clients who engage in this massage form on a regular basis.