The Many Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of natural therapy where warm stones are placed strategically on a person’s body in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits that are offered. In most cases, river rocks, or other rocks with extremely smooth surfaces are used. The stones are heated in a type of sanitizing water prior to use. The basalt stones are composed of a high iron content, which enables them to hold the heat throughout the massage. A hot stone massage is beneficial on both the physical, as well as the psychological level.                           

The main benefits of a hot stone massage are listed here.

Muscle Relaxation

The heat that is exuded from the stones will help relax and ease tension from your muscles. This relaxation effect will allow the massage therapist to manipulate a client’s deep tissues much more effectively than traditional massage techniques. If your muscles are overly tense, it may hinder the actual massage. In cases such as this, heated stones will reduce the stiffness or tightness that is present and provide more beneficial results for sore or tense muscles.

Pain Relief

All types of massage therapy can help to ease the pain that is caused by injuries, tense muscles or stiff joints; however a hot stone massage can provide much more relief due to the fact that this is a more intense massage, process. The hot stones will allow your massage therapist to penetrate into the muscle tissue much deeper, which will leave you feeling better than a traditional deep tissue or Swedish massage that does not implement heat in the process.

Improvement in Circulation

Generally, the heated stones will be placed on trigger points that are present on your body, prior to the massage therapist actually beginning

the massage. The heat that is provided by the stones will penetrate deep into your muscle tissues, helping to open your blood vessels, thus leading to improved circulation. If you have poor circulation, you likely experience fatigue, which can cause more tenseness in the muscles, as well as a buildup of lactic acid and fluids in the muscles. When you have better circulation, you will also receive more oxygen to your muscles, which will help ease the presence of aches and pains.

Psychological Benefits 

While the most well-known and sought after benefits of a hot stone massage are physical, there are also mental benefits from the procedure.

The relaxation that is gained with the hot stone massage can lead to less

mental tension and stress. This type of massage may also help you to combat some of the most common symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

It is important to remember, that while hot stone massage therapy is not a replacement for traditional medical care, and it can be an integral part of your treatment that helps you to reach optimum health. If you have any

preexisting conditions it is a good idea to discuss treatment with hot stones with your primary physician to ensure that no side effects will occur.