Nah – Ray Yoga

Every yoga teacher has a style of teaching that is unique to their own. It begins with a personal practice. Your personal practice. A practice is something you do for you. As you practice, a style is born. As you practice, a feeling is born. As you practice more, a dance is born. As you practice, breathing becomes one with the feeling and the dance and the style, and before you know it, you want to teach it to the world. You want to teach everything that is new and exciting and so very you.

That is what happened to me. My practice started in a gym. Yes, I’m a gym rat. I didn’t want to go to the gym and then do yoga. In all my years of high school, college, massage school and yoga school, all teachers teach the well roundedness of learning. They would say, “We want you to be well rounded so you can experience and take with you the knowledge to be healthy, happy, and successful.” I wanted that too, but this time in my practice. I wanted to include my strength training with flexion, my cardio with breath work, and my cool down with meditation, all of it. Oh! My beautiful ego. I’m still working on that too.

Choppy at first, I start. Push up. Chattaranga. Plank? Hold.  Boat. Crunch.  Wait! East meets West. I get on the big ball in the gym. I put my feet on the ball, hands on the floor, and do plank.  Then chatteranga then plank. Hold…. Hummm. I think I’m on to something here. I add some music. Rock and roll? Maybe.

I squat and jump. Goddess squat! Exhale down. Jump inhale up I think “jumping Goddess”. Now I’m laughing. How truly one we are. East does meet West. So then if I do downward dog, plank chatteranga, cobra, and back to down ward dog 25 times, I’m working up a sweat. Vinyassa flow. Ok. So now I’m having fun.

There are all kinds of yoga styles. Power yoga, astanga yoga, hot yoga etc., But this one is mine. This is my personal practice. This is my gym rat self to my yoga self. This is my Greek American yogi self to the name I call my practice, and now to the class that I teach. Nah-Ray Yoga. Namaste-Ray of light.

Return soon for part 2 of 2